How to Make Penis Pump? DIY Homemade Penis Pump Tips

Can’t afford name brand water pump? Don’t worry, Here is the DIY tips for you. Follow that to make your own Homemade penis pump.

A lot of men usually wish to have some gains in terms of penis size at one time or another, irrespective of their current size. there are many options to go about solving this problem, but an effective solution that is easy to implement is what most of these men will go for. The most popular is the use of a homemade penis pump.

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homemade diy bathmate penis pump

Why do we need Homemade Penis Pump?

The most obvious reason is due to the fact that it is cheaper. You will not need to spend a lot of money in the purchase of the more expensive commercial. The process of making it is also not a difficult or long process and can actually be turned into a fun and exciting experience. The best option recommended is however, to buy a commercial clinically certified pump device if you can afford to so as to avoid any dangers that might be associated with the homemade pumps. If you cannot afford it, then ensure you follow all the precautions to the letter.

Things needed to make DIY pump at home

The materials required might vary depending on the size and quality that you want your pump to have. For the cylindrical part, you can use a tennis ball tube, an empty soda bottle or any other hollow device that you think will fit nicely. A vacuum cleaner with a hose will be used for the suction process. You will also need a pair of scissors or knife, cotton or gauze and plenty of tape.

How to make your own Penis Pump?

  1. You will start of by preparing the cylindrical container. If u choose to use an empty bottle, start by cutting off the bottom part. Ensure that it is also clean as hygiene is of importance in such a device. Try to fit the vacuum over the neck of the bottle and if it does not fit well, chop some of it off as well. For the tennis ball tube, you will only need to cut a hole on the closed side where you will fit the vacuum.
  2. Use gauze and cotton to line the edge of the tube or bottle. The gauze can be secured by using tape. The lining is for protection and comfort so ensure that you add a lot of it but leave enough room for your fully erect penis to fit in.
  3. Attach the hose of the vacuum over the bottle neck or the suction end of the tennis ball tube using tape. Use a lot of tape to create a seal such that no air can get out.
  4. Place your semi erect penis inside the tube of the newly built pump and switch on the vacuum to start the process. If the seal is tight enough, you will experience heavy blood flow to the penis in just a matter of moments as you feel the suction. If you don’t experience that, simply check the seals.

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