How to Enlarge Your Penis with your Hands

Ashamed of small penis? Don’t worry! You can enlarge your dick size with your hands only. Read my complete post to find truth about that.

Why does penis size matter?

increase penis size using your hands

Most men desire to have a big penis. There are many reasons that can be attributed to this, some of which are highlighted below.

Sexual performance

Having a bigger penis means that your sexual performance will be better. You will be able to satisfy your partner better, in more ways than you could with a small penis.


You are also likely to have more self-confidence if you have a big penis. You will have nothing to fear when it comes to getting a new partner. With confidence, even your social life will improve.

Best Ways to Enlarge Penis Naturally with Your Hands

There are many ways which you can use to increase the size of your penis. Such include surgical methods and use of pills. The methods can be invasive and a bit too expensive for most people to do. There are also major risks involved. A great alternative would be to use your hands to increase the penis size naturally at home. You can do this through exercising your penis. There are many different types of exercise,which you can try out to increase penis size. One of the most common exercises is highlighted below.

The ultimate Penis Stretcher Using Hands

You need to start by warming up. Warm up can be as simple as placing a warm towel on your semi erect penis and rubbing gently. Once you are done with the warm up, grasp the penis just below the glans. For those who are uncircumcised, ensure that you retract the foreskin first. Use a firm grip to grasp the penis, but ensure that it is not too much to cut off blood circulation. Pull the penis so that it stretches outwards, and hold for about 30 seconds. The stretch should be painless and comfortable. Change the direction of pull towards your belly button, then to the right, the left, and downwards, holding for about 30 seconds in each direction.

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There are many other types of exercise that you can choose from, depending on what feels comfortable for you.the main point to remember is that you have to be consistent and patient for you to get the best results.

Bathmate to Increase Penis Size Fast

For better, faster, and safer penis increase, you can use Bathmate Hydromax. The Bathmate refers to a penis enlargement pump, one of the best there is in the current market. The pump is designed to be used while taking a bath or a shower. Different from other pumps, it uses water as opposed to air.

How to use Bathmate?

The steps for using Bathmate penis pump are quite simple to follow. You simply fill the pump with warm water from your bath or shower, and then place your penis inside it. Press the pump towards the base of your penis to form a tight seal. You can then start pumping to create a suction effect on your penis.

The Bathmate Hercules pump should be used at least once a day, with each exercise lasting for about 15 minutes. Use moderate pressure and increase gradually as your penis gets used to the pump. Ensure that you remain consistent with the workout for the best results.

Please don’t buy bathmate from eBay. Instead purchase your penis pump from official site only. Since you will get brand warranty and genuine product.

If you still have any query about enlarging penis size with your hands then comment here.


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