Bathmate X30 / X40 vs Penomet Review – Which is better?

The Bathmate X30 / X40 is in so many ways similar to the Penomet penis pump, especially given that they are all intended to do the same job. Hence, reviewing and comparison them become necessary.

Making the decision on which one to buy might be quite a challenge, especially for someone who has never used any of them before. However, there are some slight differences worth mentioning to help in such a decision. The comparison of some of its top features is as below.

Bathmate X30/X40 vs Penomet – My Review and Comparison

Below is the complete comparison of bathmate and penomet. We tried to cover price, maintenance, design, and functionality while reviewing them.

bathmate vs penomet comparison and review

Value for money

The two pumps both have stronger gaiters that make them more expensive. The extra strength is to provide more room for growth in the long term. For the Penomet however, the price in which it is ranged does not really match what it offers in the category of price to strength ratio. The X30/40 will on the other hand give you the lowest prices for the strongest gaiters. When working on a limited budget, Bathmate models are the way to go.


When comparing the pressure for both devices, Penomet will its maximum pressure being a lot smaller than the maximum pressure of Bathmate. For beginners, the pressure offered by Penomet will be more than sufficient to get the job done. For those who are advance users or considering long-term use, the strongest pump will be the best recommendation and thus Bathmate X30/X40 will be a better choice.

Comfort of Bathmate and Penomet

The material used for the Penomet gaiters is silicone while that used in Bathmate X30/X40 a slightly softer rubber. Under water, the difference is not quite noticeable and both feel very comfortable. Silicone is however not as strong as rubber, the reason as to why Hydromax X30 or X40 can be able to deliver a lot more pressure. Moreover, Hyromax is newbies friendly too. One can easily use bathmate without any extra knowledge.

For Bathmate, you will also get the option of using a removable comfort pad just to add on the level of comfort during use. The comfort pad does not affect pressure or any other thing in any negative way.

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The gaiters of the Penomet pump are easier to remove from the vacuum tube, making it a lot easier to clean. The premium package comes with ‘Gun Oil Shine’, a cleaning foam that can be used for thorough cleaning. Bathmate Hydromax X30 or X40 is quite easy to clean as well, but just not as easy as the Penomet.

Package deals (Penomet or Bathmate Hydromax)

With Penomet premium package, you will get five replaceable gaiters, all of which offer different pump pressure to be used as you advance. A comfort strap is also included, which allows you to make it a hands free process. Gun Oil Shine cleaner is also included just to ensure that you can retain your pump in a new-like condition. Bathmate X30/X40 on the other hand eliminates the need for interchangeable gaiters by offering a wide range for pressure. It also comes with other accessories such as the comfort pad but the packaging of the Penomet clearly takes the win on this one.

Why Bathmate is better than Penomet?

Both pumps are great and quite efficient in delivering gains. They are both of very high quality with only the best of materials used in making them. Bathmate X30/X40 is however a better option due to the fact that it offers a wider range of pressure with the maximum being a lot higher, its more comfortable and above all, offers better value for money. Make sure to use coupon codes to buy Bathmate Pump cheap. You can read my dedicated page for same.

From above Bathmate vs Penomet comparison and review, It is clear that no one can beat the result of bathmate penis pump. You can also share your experience and feedback by commenting here.

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